September 2019

After our moroccan adventure we went back to Menorca, where my family lives. We were very happy to see them again and to be back in our comfort zone for a few weeks to regroup (this is something that always feels good!) and they were also very happy to see us!

To be honest, I don't like Menorca enough to live there. Sure it's a paradise, it has the most beautiful beaches in the world and breathtaking sunsets, it has a very good quality of life, the food is local and healthy and you can leave the car door open with bags inside/forget the keys on the lock for hours and no one will steal from you (true stories!). For me, the best thing that Menorca has is my family; most of them live there and we are so close to each other that I miss them a lot when I travel. But I don't really miss Menorca.

To live in Menorca you need to be comfortable with routine and quiet lifealways going to the same places and seeing the same people. I understand that is what many people like and enjoy and I am very happy for all my friends and people from Menorca who found their happy place there. 

But I don't like routine (I read on the astrology page of Mia Astral that the daily life is a life sentence for Pisces, and it made me feel good, I'm not a crazy person who needs constant change, just a neptunian Pisces!) and I enjoy changes, adventures and meeting new people. That's why I married a man from the other side of the world! 

Anyways, it always feels good to be back, especially when it's end of summer and the start of autumn, the best moment to enjoy the island. We needed some rest after the chaotic months in Morocco and some time to decide where to go next. It was the best time to go to Menorca, with much less tourists than in summer and perfect temperatures.

We spent 5 weeks there; I used to go for a few days to visit my family when I lived in Mallorca, so it felt strange at the beginning to be there for so long! I went a Pilates and Kundalini Yoga studio to keep myself fit and focused (the place is called Shaktioga; Sion and his son Andreu are very good teachers), I enjoyed self practice and journaling, we went swimming every day, we spent a lot of quality time with my family, we cooked healthy food and we planned our next trip. We also started this blog :-) 

Cocarrois, a typical pastry from Mallorca

Menorcan picnic

Autumn is definitely the best time of the year to visit Menorca, the island is simply beautiful. We enjoyed the sunset almost every day and we witnessed the change of nature's colors, what a privilege! We felt very grateful and happy to be able to enjoy it!

Where to eat vegan food in Menorca? 
I don't go out that often in Menorca, because my mom's food is better than any restaurant in the world! But I have tried some of the places that have vegetarian and vegan options. Here is a list of some of the places in Ciutadella, my homwtown:

MakiTake. They have many vegan options: veggie gyozas, maki, rolls, edamame, miso soup... Like many of the Japanese restaurants, the prices are a bit high, but worth it. 

Fusion Born. The service is not the best, the waiters weren't friendly, but I was very happy to find veggie options: seitan, quinoa and veggie burger; falafel; salads...

Quinoa burger

Fang i Aram. The only restaurant 100% vegetarian in Ciutadella. Very good service and healthy food made with love. 

Es Tast de na Silvia. I haven't eaten there, but I've heard very good things about it. The best thing about it: they use organic and local products and they cook typical Menorcan recipes.

La Cayena - Cocina Viajera. Very nice place with international dishes, some of them vegan. If you have travelled/ enjoy food from other countries, this is your place! It feels like traveling the world in one evening. Don't forget to book in advance, it's always very busy. 

In Mahon, the other big town, there are more vegetarian and vegan options (the vegetarian, the hindi Rainbow Spice or the vegan Petite Sophie). Let us know if you have tried other vegan / vegan friendly places on the island, and we will go next time we visit :-) 

I thought 5 weeks were going to be very long, but in the end time passed very fast and the last days I was a bit sad... But the world is big and the adventures are endless, so we started packing for our next trip!


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