Manuel and I met in June 2016 (love at first sight!). In September 2017 I proposed to him (when you know, you know!) and we got married in April 2018. 

Very fast? I would say everything was flowing so perfectly that we just went with the flow. It was (and it is) a wonderful love story, and when everything goes that well the best you can do is enjoy and be happy!

And one year after our lovely wedding, we decided to quit our jobs and leave our comfy life in Mallorca to live new adventures.

When you get married, people expect you to start a family; especially if you are from a small town. After our wedding everyone kept asking: "so now what?". We didn't feel like doing what most of the couples did: find a place to settle, buy a house, have children. We are the 1%, so we sold a lot of our stuff, we left our apartment in Palma and we quit our jobs 

Picture from The Travel Bible on Facebbok

It wasn't an easy decision, especially for me: Palma was my 'comfort zone', it was my home for 10 years, I loved my life there, my apartment, my friends... But I knew that it was time to do something else, the 'now or never' moment was happening. We were young, healthy, happy, and if we wanted to get out of the comfort zone that was the right time! We didn't want to become a regular married couple with a regular life, a routine. 

Life is either a great adventure or nothing at all! 


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