Dar Bouazza
After a two hour bus trip from Khouribga to Casablanca, two tramways and a ride in a 'taxi collectif', we finally arrived to our last stop in Morocco, Dar Bouazza. Odile and her two sons live in a house by the beach and she has an organic garden in the backyard. She has been studying Permaculture for years and she tries to maintain a sustainable lifestyle. 
The sunset from the garden

They spent one month holiday in France and the rentrée was very stressful and overwhelming for her: no one took care of her garden and everything was dead, the house needed a deep cleaning and she was feeling exhausted just with the thought of starting anything. She needed help with the youngest boy too. So we arrived just in time to give her a hand. 

Our studio in Dar Bouazza
We cooked lunch and dinner every day with organic vegetables, we helped clean the house (using the Marie Kondo method, which was very fun and rewarding for everyone!), we gave a hand in the garden and we helped Stan, the youngest, with his homework. We also played chess with him and we had a Yoga and stretching session every evening. 

Manuel and Stan doing Yoga
Every Wednesday there is a Souk in Dar Bouazza. Like all the other souks in Morocco, it's big, loud, crowded and has everything you need. We went with a local neighbor and he was the best guide. It was a fun morning, bargaining and enjoying the local craziness. 

Friday is cous cous day in all Morocco. The last Friday in Dar Bouazza the neighbor's mother prepared a delicious veggie cous cous for us, what a gift! The moroccans always eat from the same huge plate, and so we did as well.  Like they say, when in Rome!

There are so many dogs in the vicinity! Every morning we had a crew of dogs and puppies ready to play and spend the day with us.  It seemed this was typical along the coast, every place we went there was always 'gangs' of dogs on the beach having turf wars.  We weren't sure how so many dogs could survive there if they didn't have anyone taking real care of them, but the beaches were always loaded with them!

Morning walk with our local friends

Sunset from the backyard

One day we went to the organic farm where Odile helps out. They prepare weekly boxes with their vegetables, fruits and herbs for the clients to pick up. It was a wonderful experience, and we were very happy to see that there is people who really care about the Planet and who try to live in a very sustainable and respectful way.

The organic farm in Dar Bouazza

After working on the farm, Ibrahim prepared a delicious veggie tajine for lunch. It was definitely the best veggie tajine we had in Morocco, because he didn't let it overcook, like they usually do, and the veggies were crunchy and tasty.  Also, he didn't put too much salt (like they usually do as well) and the veggies were freshly picked from the garden. What else could we ask for!?

The best veggie tajine!

Manuel spent one week in Dar Bouazza and then had to leave the first week of September to do a Catalan exam in Mallorca. I stayed one week longer and I was very grateful for the time I spent by myself, enjoying the beach, the silence, the moon... I did Yoga, I had long morning walks, I journaled and reflected on the trip and life... It was the perfect end to a crazy and intense summer. 

I was very lucky to enjoy September's Full Moon in Dar Bouazza

I never get tired of sunsets!

When Manuel left, a family from California came to Odile's place to help out. It was a couple in their forties who are traveling the world with their 16 month old baby Atlas and their dog Chewy. So brave! I can't imagine traveling as a backpaper/workawayer with a baby and a dog! 
It was great to spend time and get to know them. The guy was a great cook and we all appreciated his cooking! The woman was a very artistic, sensitive and spiritual person and we had a good connection. And Atlas was the most adorable baby I have ever seen. Happy, playful and open, he was always ready to explore!

Chewy living his best life

Morning walk with one of our friends

Atlantic Ocean sunrise

And this is how we finished our moroccan adventure: by the beach with wonderful sunsets and healthy food. Not bad at all! After some stressful/frustrating moments during the trip, that was a perfect end to our moroccan summer. We are very grateful for the experiences lived and lessons learned during the trip. 


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