October 2019

I wanted the next trip to be to Asia. I travelled by myself to China and Taiwan in 2016 and I really liked the asian culture and way of living. I knew I wanted to go back some day. So now that I had an adventurous husband willing to travel the world with me, why not?

I really wanted to go to back to Taiwan to get to know it better, since I spent only 10 days the last time. China was another option, there are so many opportunities for English teachers, but the big cities are very polluted and the visa process can be a bit complicated. We did our research to find good options to make a living in Asia, and we found that Vietnam has more frequent job opportunities than other asian countries and getting the work visa it's easier. Also, it is a beautiful country that has a lot to offer and neither of us had been there before.

So we applied for the 3 month touristic e-visa (very easy process that can be done online) and we received it a few days later. The price was 29 USD per person (we used this website), and once at the airport they ask an additional 25 USD per person to get the Visa.

Once we had the e-visa we were ready to book our flights! We found a cheap flight Barcelona - Ho Chi Mihn (cheap because of the 3 layovers and very restrictive luggage allowance...) and we bought it.

Now the ball was rolling!

We were only allowed to bring one small carry on, so we applied our minimalist tips. The weather in Ho Chi Mihn (South of Vietnam) is tropical (hot and humid), so we needed only summer clothes and shoes, which don't take that much space.

We spent one night in Barcelona, taking advantage of the layover to visit my sister (her flat is pretty minimalist too!). We had a nice walk around the Sagrada Familia neighborhood, we tried a yummy vegan fast food place called La Trocadero and we relaxed before our big adventure.

 Next layovers were Dusseldorf and Bangkok. It didn't feel too long, because the layovers were short. And we finally landed in Ho Chi Minh! After more than two hours waiting to get the Visa on arrival and the passport stamp, we stepped on Vietnamese land.

We found a lovely surprise in Dusseldorf's airport!

Bangkok airport

We found a place to stay and volunteer as English teachers, which we thought would be the best way to live with locals and learn about the Vietnamese culture. We spent the first night in District 3, a very intense area that reminded us of an asian Las Vegas, and the day after we headed to our new home in District 9.

And just like that, our new life in Vietnam started! 


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