On our first weekend in Vietnam, we went on a trip to Ben Tre province, in the South of Vietnam.  The manager of the school organized a weekend full of adventures and team bonding activities because some of us were new at the school.  It was a way to get to know each other better and to experience a lot of things first hand such as farming, regional foods, and the madness of driving a motorbike in Asia!

After a long trip of almost 5 hours on motorbike (luckily we did many stops to stretch and rest!), we arrived to a local house to spend the night there. During the bike ride we crossed the Mekong River, which is very wide! It was very beautiful.

Getting ready for the long ride!

Crossing the Mekong River

Once in the house, we had a veggie BBQ and soup for dinner. The house had only 2 rooms and we were 14 people, imagine how comfortable we slept! Some of the students ended up sleeping on the floor in the living room. But we were all VERY tired after the long ride!

In the morning we went to have breakfast in a local place (rice and noodles, as always!) and then we visited a coconut farm; Manuel and other guys were brave enough to climb the palm tree to get some coconuts. Nothing tastes better than fresh coconut water on a hot day!

The street market in the town were we slept

My monkey man

One of our students was a pro at opening the coconuts.  He had his machete in hand, chopped off the top and gently opened the hole for us to drink, so professional! The elder woman who gave us the tour told us that this coconut farm was more than 100 years old.

And then we went to the Resort Lan Vuong, a kind of theme park where you can eat and dress like the locals, and have lots of fun with many river games. We had a blast! They served us a huge lunch buffet, we dressed and put our hairs like the locals and we had an afternoon full of river games and laughs.

The games included riding a bicycle across a narrow wooden bridge, crossing the river using two ropes (top for the hands, bottom for the feet), karaoke, 4 person canoes and other group activities with the enthusiastic employees! It was fun for everyone, no matter what age there was something for you.  Whether it was something physical and challenging or goofing around with the karaoke mic.

We were very grateful for that weekend; the manager of the school Linh did a great job organizing it and it definitely helped us creating stronger relationship between us. 


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