We have been to Hanoi many times and we have tried almost all the vegan places in the city! Here is our list of the best and inexpensive places we found, the food was definitely one of the best things in Hanoi! We found pretty good prices, most of the vegan places are affordable so we could stay on budget. Of course the prices in Hanoi are higher than in other cities in Vietnam, since it's the capital and there are many foreigners visiting and living here.

All of the restaurants we mention are fully plant-based (except the two Banh mi places with vegan options) and all the photos are ours {unfortunately, no one paid us to talk about their restaurants, so all the opinions are truly honest and based on our experience}:

1. Banh Mi Chay
I was craving Banh Mi (traditional Vietnamese sandwich) since we arrived in Vietnam! I couldn't find a reliable vegan version until I found this hidden gem. It's a very small, family restaurant, not so easy to find, with a simple idea: two types of Banh Mi, noodles and a few more typical bites (like spring rolls), a small menu but no need for more! The sandwiches are very tasty, and so was the 'pillow donut'. The Banh Mi are 20.000 and 23.000 VND. It's the perfect place to grab a sandwich on the go, maybe to eat during your bus trip to the next destination :)

Many Banh mì places in Hanoi have vegetarian/vegan options (Banh mì chay), but it's not that easy to find a GOOD Banh mì! There's the famous Banh mì 25 in the  Old Quarter, with some vegetarian and vegan options for 30.000VND (~ 1,30 euros), their sandwiches are really good, very tasty and juicy. We found another Banh mì place called Cuti (Hang Buom street), a small family owned restaurant with vegan options, I would say one of the best I have tried, and probably the cheapest (20-25k).

2. Vegan Home
Vegan buffet for 75.000VND (~ 3 euros). The food was delicious and different from the traditional Chay buddhist restaurants; they had 'meatballs', brown rice, baked potatoes, rice soup... We just missed something sweet for dessert but we were told that the menu changes daily so it's possible they do have something sweet sometimes. The first floor has cute windows with views of the little park in front. It's located walking distance to the Cathedral and Old Quarter. We went there Christmas Day to have a special meal, and it was very nice.

That was only the first round!

3. Nhà Hàng Chay Tam An lac
Family restaurant with inexpensive dishes (from 30.000VND). Located in a little street, a bit difficult to find but that makes the place more quiet and away from the busy streets. We tried the Bun rieu (tomato noodles soup) and the noodles with spring rolls. They also sell vegan products (homemade protein, oats, seeds, nuts...), tea, incense... and fresh fruits and vegetables.

4. Pho Chay
If you want to experience the true hanoian street food -vegan version- don't miss out on visiting this little place. It's far from the centre (30 minutes walking from the Cathedral) but that makes it much more authentic and cheaper. They serve the traditional Pho (flat rice noodles soup with mushrooms and herbs), a special Pho (with 'chicken' and more mushrooms), spring rolls and other street food bites. The soup is only 25.000VND, and 30.000VND for the special. The place is really small, so if there's more than 4 people inside you may have to wait. The two ladies serving the food were very nice and friendly, one of them spoke English.

5. Veggie Castle
All you can eat buffet for 70.000VND (less than 3 euros). The food is simply delicious and we tried  a few things that we didn't see before in Vietnam, like stuffed tomatoes or potato salad (American style). They also had coconut jelly for dessert. If you are still hungry after the large buffet you can order a fresh juice (from 30.000VND).  Like most buffet's, the menu changes often. The place is very cozy, the decoration is a mix of Moroccan, Mexican and Asian style, with many colorful items hanging on the walls.

6. Loving Hut
This is a chain of vegan restaurants that you can find all over the world, inspired by Supreme Master Ching Hai (I found it very cool that the Supreme Master is a woman! since most of the spiritual masters are men). They have their own TV channel (Supreme Master TV) and you can watch it in all the restaurants; very interesting (sometimes shocking). There are 5 Loving Hut restaurants in Ha Noi. We tried the Hoà Binh and the one at West lake, which is very big and has a lot of vegan products to sell (a bit expensive, probably due to the place where it's located). The food is inexpensive (from 30.000VND) and delicious. Sometimes they have chocolate cake too!
The one in West Lake sells B12 vitamins (100 pills for 500.000VND ~ 20 euros).

7. Lovegan
Another small, family restaurant with delicious desserts and smoothies! They also have a menu with a mix of Westerner and Asian food: hummus, spring rolls, banh mi, dumplings, miso soup... Our favourite dessert ever was the chocolate cake (30.000VND for a big piece), which doesn't last very long, so better to go in the morning :) The cookies are also very good, filled with seeds and for only 10.000VND each. The place can be difficult to find, it's in a very small street; look for the big 'Vegan café' sign at the balcony.

8. Achi Vegan House
Little vegan restaurant with traditional Vietnamese food, not far from Lovegan. The lady ddin't speak English, but she was super smiley and the service was very good. We tried the lemongrass & chili tofu (40.000VND ~ less than 2 euros) and the Bun rieu (38.000VND ~ 1,50 euros).

9. Com Chay Dieu Tam
Probably the most affordable vegan buffet in Hanoi: only 30k per person. The food is very good and varied: brown rice with beans, white steamed rice, vegetables, different types of tofu, faux meat, soup, salad... plus complimentary hot tea and water. As in all the vegan restaurants, you will enjoy a lovely meal with the sound of the relaxing Buddhist mantras. The staff was super friendly and they spoke very good English.

Good vegan food, especially if you enjoy the faux meat: they offer all kinds of vegan versions, like pork ribs, fish, shrimp, chicken wings... For the more traditional vegans (like me) they also have the typical vietnamese food in vegan version: spring rolls, noodle soup, rice with vegetables, tofu with tomato... The service was very good and the place is located in a quiet, small street. 

11. An Nhien Chay buffet
It's far from the centre, but it's worth visiting if you have time. The buffet is only 25.000VND (~ 1 euro). It's located in a very quiet and small street, so the place is very peaceful. Enjoy your delicious vegan meal while listening the buddhist relaxing music in the background.

12. Chay Tâm An
Veeeery far away from the center, but if you find yourself on this part of the city -like we did- please go eat here! The food quality is very good and so is the service. Every day for lunch they offer a delicious buffet for 45.000VND (less than 2 euros), the food is really good. And every 1st and 15th day of the Lunar calendar (not the same as the Gregorian calendar, so you will have to check online which days are exactly) they offer a delectable vegan buffet with many different dishes to try for 99.000VND (~ 4 euros), including some desserts (the day we went they had watermelon and a sweet corn soup).

And that's all for now; looking forward to explore more vegan places in the city!


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