If you are in Hanoi and want to do something different but you don't want to go to far, the ceramics village is the perfect place to spend the afternoon. It's located on the other side of the Red river, about 40 minutes driving from Hoan Kiem district. On the way to the village you will enjoy the river views and the green landscape. It's still Hanoi, but it feels very rural. 

It's a popular spot among locals, you will see many families with children walking around and eating there, especially during the weekend. We went in May 2020, when the borders where closed due to the worldwide pandemic, so we were the only foreigners in the village. 

We walked around the village and visited some of the ceramic shops, and we got to experience a pottery session! If you walk and you have "tourist face", a worker from the factory will offer you to visit the place and try to do smething with your own hands. It costs 50.000vnd (around 2 euros) and it's very fun!

The place was very interesting: a large space with painted walls, small tables and chairs and mountains of clay ready to be used. 

The two ladies there helped us with our bowls, without their help it would have been impossible! It takes time to master the art of pottery... The result was two beautiful bowls that we painted once they were dry. 


Besides the pottery shops, you can enjoy local snacks like fresh coconut, sugar cane juice, roasted corn and sweet potato... But be careful with the prices, it's a touristic site so they will try to charge you 5 times more than it's worth it! We paid 80.000vnd for two coconuts (more than 3 euros), and you can usually find them for 10.000vnd! There are also many restaurants (we didn't see any vegan one though). 

Second hand mugs and other treasures

And that's all about our visit to Bat Trang! Have you been there? We would love to know about your experience :) 


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